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D E R E K  G U N N

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Derek Gunn  is a native of Ireland who writes horror and thriller fiction and is the author  of the bestseller Vampire Apocalypse, A World Torn Asunder and of 7 other novels. He has appeared on BBC radio, on various podcasts and has appeared at many conventions in Ireland and in the UK. He is a member of and a Contributing Editor to The International Thriller Writers Association and an Active Member of The Horror Writers Association.


The war is over … the vampires have won

Vampire Apocalypse books

Derek is best known for his Post-apocalyptic military vampire series, Vampire Apocalypse. The first book in the series, A World Torn Asunder was first published in 2006 and was widely praised. The next three books, Descent into Chaos (2009), Fallout (2010) and Trail of Tears (2014) have equally delighted fans throughout the world. Since publication in Ebook format, the first book has been downloaded over 100,000 times. Derek is currently working on the fifth book in this acclaimed series. The four books are now published in paperback and ebook  by US genre publisher, Permuted Press.

The HMS Swift Adventures is a collection of historical naval horror fiction set in the uneasy peace before a period of almost sustained conflict that reigned across Europe between 1792 and 1815.  The first novella, The Diabolical Plan was first published in Permuted Press’s anthology, The Undead (2005).  It received great praise in the 2006 Horror Fiction Review and The Harrow - Original Works of Fantasy and Horror. Ghostwriter Publications then reissued it along with the second novella in the series, The Island. Derek enjoyed writing in this genre so much that he wrote the novel Crimson Seas and released it himself as an ebook in 2012. Permuted Press now publish the two novellas and the novel in one volume in paperback and ebook  editions.

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