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HMS Swift Adventures HMS Swift Adventures

The HMS Swift Adventures is a historical naval adventure made up of a short story The Diabolical Plan, a novella The Island and a novel Crimson Seas.

The stories are set in the year 1791 and Captain Thomas Butler and his loyal crew of The HMS Swift, a frigate in the service of King George III Of England, are sent on a series of missions where nothing is what it seems, and forces far darker than any of them have experienced before, reign supreme.

"The Diabolical Plan is just a brilliant story!"

12th issue of THE HORROR FICTION REVIEW, released -21-06 by Novello Publishers

"...delighted me with its convincingly written Aubrey/Hornblower-style high seas adventure style." --The Harrow: Original Works of Fantasy and Horror, Vol 8, No 9 (2005)

Paperback and Kindle editions available